Pre Custody Counseling!

                                                                                                                       So You're Going To Prison!
images60C2F54C_going_to_prisonWe offer pre-incarceration preparation for the individual who has been convicted and is facing a term of incarceration!


Let us help you navigate the system. 

Each of our consultants in this area base their consultations on their own personal experience within the justice system.
They have a combined total of 20 years’ experience within male and female facilities, white collar and drug offenses.

We do not use scare tactics, or promise access to programs which you may or may not qualify for. We simply impart factual information regarding the availability of programs to assist you in making the transition and navigating the system once inside. We are aware that this can be a very traumatic time for you and your family. There may be many questions that require someone with the experience and back ground to answer.

Our consultants are male and female who have served years, not months in federal bureau of prison facilities. We have kept abreast with changes in the law, administrative procedures, sentencing guidelines and BOP Programs, such as the Second Chance Act, which allows for an increase in halfway house time up to one year, or the Residential Drug Treatment Program which allows for a reduction of up to one year, and a guaranteed 6 month Halfway House.


We also provide last minute pleading preparation services after counsel has left the case once sentencings proceedings have concluded.

These may include:

Assistance initiating the appellate process
Motion for extension of time to surrender
Motion for the return of property
other types of post-conviction motions prior to entering the system.

Teleconferencing is available at a hourly flat rate per hour (minimum two hour) and is the preferred method of communication,
since our clients are nationwide.