As Mitigation Specialists, we provide non capital sentencing services to licensed legal counsel on behalf of clients facing proceedings in the criminal justice system. We also provide case analysis, technical consulting, research assistance, and assist in alternate pre sentence reports objections to pre sentencing reports and alternate presentence reports in the form of sentencing memorandum.
Attorneys who are seeking to mitigation to lessen the impact of the federal sentencing guidelines on impending term through mitigation may wisely look to a specialist who can provide client specific planning to his client.

Because Mitigation in the beginning stages of the proceedings is still a niche industry, the majority of defense attorneys donít realize that mitigation reports in anticipation of sentencing can be a vital part of sentencing .

The mitigation specialist is someone who teams with defense counsel to provide supportive research and significant documented history of the relation to obtaining a lower term at sentencing strategy.This is extremely significant in the federal arena because of the impact the sentencing guidelines can have on the term the defendant is facing. In an effort to humanize the defendant in the eyes of the court and present grounds for a lower sentence, mitigation experts identify grounds for departure/variances as sanctioned by the guidelines.